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Folks, maybe you can help me out.  I've been trying to get a hold of about 100 yards of clean fill for our swimming pool, which we want to make into a garden bed.  The trick?  A ten-wheeler dump truck simply will not fit up our driveway.  (Trust me: we tried.)  Anyone have connections, wisdom, or anything else to offer about getting free (or free-ish) dirt?
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Hey all,

1. If I wanted to make my blog posts appear in a feed on LJ without my having to worry about it, is there an easy way to do that? My blog is on Wordpress.

2. Are you someone, or do you know someone, who would be willing to be an ASL coach for a play? It's minor - like, not Children of a Lesser God - but you need to be able to coach three actors to make them believable to varying levels of fluency.
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So, our household got a hive in May this year. We started with a nucleus hive, but we have a theory that the queen died at some point early on, and they had to build up an establish a new one. Or something. Point is, they didn't build up as strong and in as much force as we expected in this first season. We had put a super on; we ended up taking it off again as they weren't using it at all, and the hive body still isn't completely full, though there are many more bees than when we started.

My question is: what tips do you have for wintering them over, particularly if they have no storage honey? I know they'll need to be fed, but how much, and pollen as well as sugar? And how can we be sure they're fed and safe through the months where we won't want to open the hive at all lest they lose precious heat?

We have a hive-top feeder, a styrofoam box shaped like the hive itself into which they can climb without leaving the hive, though refilling it means taking the lid off.
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You'll get invited to all the awesome parties...

Hi everyone -

We still need some help with As You Like It! Come be a part of the fabulousness and run crew with us! We need folks before and after each dress rehearsal and performance to load things in and out, and folks during the show to move things like benches and rocks (made of paper!) (with scissors!! (wait, no...)))!!!11!

The time commitment:

Monday: 6:30-11
Tuesday: 6:30-11
Thursday: 6:30-11
Friday: 6:30-11
Saturday: 6:30-11
Sunday: 1:30-5

Even if you can't do all the days - please come help out! Email tech at theatreatfirst dot org for more details!
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Hey everyone!

Go sign up to audition for As You Like It! Here's the auditions page!

And please - spread the word in your own networks. We're hoping for a big turnout!

Calling all actors, singers, dancers, hoopers, acrobats, jugglers, Burners and tech-heads!

Come help us put on a play! Auditions for our modern take on Shakespeare's classic comedy, As You Like It have been set for June 20th and 21st at Unity Somerville; it will be performed outdoors in Davis Square September 8-11.

We're looking for people of various talents both to play key roles and to make up the court of the exiled Duke Senior, who in this production is an MIT engineering type who draws a lot of anarchic creative types to himself.

If you're interested, please go to the auditions page to sign up for a slot, or contact the director about how you can become involved!
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Hey all,

[ profile] muffyjo is in need of someone to help her live-video the Thursday, June 16 performance of Equus at Theatre@First. It's fun, it requires very little training, and you get to see a performance of the show for free.

Please help her out! I can't really do it, but I did it for The Lady's Not For Burning, and it was pretty neat!

Comment here if you think you might be able to do this!
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If you were to pick a scene in As You Like It to audition people for the part of Jaques, what would you pick? I kind of want to avoid his big monologues ("All the world's a stage" especially).
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Wow, I just went through all the clutter in my front hall and found I had been delivered a book by Royal Mail. Last Summer at Mars Hill, by Elizabeth Hand. I swear I remember someone talking to me about this author. Was it [ profile] infinitehotel?? Help!!

(And thank you!)
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Hi everyone!

Thank you all for being so supportive with this project so far; I can't tell you how encouraging it is to see that so many of you are as excited about this as I am.

Now we're getting down to the wire, with less than $250 needed to reach our goal by April 16!

In reality, we'll need quite a bit more than $5,500 to make this happen, but if we don't raise our stated goal amount with Kickstarter, we won't get any of the funding at all.

So if you haven't given yet and you can, please do! If you haven't told your friends yet and you can, do that too! Help us get over the top - and if you see us get there, don't be afraid to pitch in a bit more!

And thanks so much.

(Hee hee. Yay!)

Go here to watch the video and make a pledge.
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Hi everyone!

Now that I know you can see my posts again (jeez!), I want to call your attention to the Kickstarter campaign I'm doing, for those of you who aren't reading Facebook.

I want to direct a production of Shakespeare's As You Like It, which along with The Winter's Tale is among my favorite of his plays. The crazy idea I had was to do it outdoors, right in Davis Square. It would be free and open to the public, directed in a modern style commenting on local concerns, and stuffed full of the talents of all the wonderful artists and makers of creative mayhem that I'm blessed to know.

The dream is coming closer to reality, with a fundraising campaign we're doing using Kickstarter. We're halfway there. But we still need help.

Kickstarter is kind of awesome. It allows creative projects to raise money using crowdsourcing, and lets you offer rewards to people who donate. I spent a whole bunch of time making and editing a video for this project; go check it out and hear me babble about it for four minutes.

Please give if you can - the deadline for fundraising is April 15! If we don't make our goal amount - we don't make anything!

[ETA: Please feel free to spread the word about this to your networks, using this link: ]

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Hey everyone,

It's about a month until the deadline for my Kickstarter for As You Like It project!

If you've already given and/or spread the word - my endless gratitude. If you don't know what I"m talking about, please go to the page and check it out. The short version? Theatre@First is making a bold attempt to put on Shakespeare's As You Like It outdoors, in Seven Hills Park, for free. (I'm gonna direct it. Hee!)

Kickstarter is this awesome site that allows creatives to crowdsource support for the projects. The project only happens if all the money gets raised by the deadline date!

Please check it out, and please spread the message to anyone you know who's interested in the arts using this link:

If you're short on cash but would go and see such a play anyway, consider donating what you'd pay for a ticket (usually $10-15 at Theatre@First).

Thanks again!
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Hey everyone!

The Kickstarter project for As You Like It launched last week on Valentine's Day, and by President's Day we'd raised over $1800!

But we still need to get to $5500 by Tax Day!

If you have a few bucks - or more than a few - to throw our way, please get in there and donate! Remember, Kickstarter is all or nothing: if we don't raise our goal amount, we get nothing and like it. :)

I hope you'll participate in making what promises to be an awesome outdoor Shakespeare show a reality!
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Hey everyone!

I just spent the past week and change and a bunch of brain cells putting together this project for Kickstarter.

Theatre@First has just approved a proposal for me to direct Shakespeare's As You Like It this summer. The difference? We want to produce it outdoors, in Seven Hills Park, for free.

To do this, we need to raise money - which is what the Kickstarter project is all about.

Think about how much money you might spend on a theatre ticket, even for T@F - and then remember that this show will be performed free of charge, for the whole Somerville community. Please pitch in if you can.

Go check it out, watch the video I slaved over, and if you can help, please do! There will be rewards for those who help make this happen.
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Is there a way to reply to screened comments without unscreening them first and then having them all unscreened and stuff during those few seconds before you go back afterward and screen them again???
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Hello, Internets,

So, I use flickr, but only casually, and I've just discovered the limits of a free account. It tells me that $24.95 will get me a year of storage of unlimited stuff, which is nice; I'm looking to back up my photos somewhere, and have an easy way of sharing them with people.

My one thought about going with Picasa instead is that I have a Google phone, and when I take pictures, one of the easy sharing options is to post it to Picasa. This, needless to say, is far more convenient than emailing it to myself, then uploading it to Flickr.

However, I also note that while Picasa is free, the storage space allowable is only 1 gig. I have over 7 gigs in the 2006 folder of my iPhoto library.

Thoughts, Internets?
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Hey all,

I know many of you work with wild sourdough, and I've started my own starter and am on my third attempted loaf.

I've been working off of this recipe - which is really more of a guideline - and I'm running into some problems. Mainly, the loaf is not rising much, even when I let it rise under heated conditions, or for a very long time. What does rise tends to spread out rather than puff up, and the dough, which initially feels almost too dense, becomes wet and sticky and hard to handle.

I'm about to put the third in the oven, and it's looking a little better than the first two, but it definitely spread out a lot. I put oil in the bowl this time so I'd be able to fish it out and hold it together more easily.

The bread that comes out has tasty crust and tends to be tasty all through, but the middle is usually bunched up and inedible.

Thoughts, bakers?
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Random Chants, the all-women's a cappella group of which I'm a part, is entering its holiday season! We have a fun and inclusive repertoire of holiday music, including a cheesy Drifters-esque version of "White Christmas" on which I sing the snappy, loungey lead vocal.

We'll be performing at Starbucks in Lexington and at the Holly Fair in Harvard Square this season, but we're hoping for a few more gigs. Does your office party need a little extra flair? Could your charity event benefit from some live music? Does the population you work with need some cheer?

Let me know, and I'll put you in touch with our manager. Rates are negotiable.

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Where do I find almond paste in the GBA (Greater Boston Area)?
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I just roasted a bunch of tomatoes, and plan to roast more tomorrow.

What should I use the discarded skins for? Infusing vodka? Olive oil? Other ideas?
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Hey all,

I'm getting ready to move my gardening indoors. Mainly, I'd like to successfully grow kitchen herbs inside for the winter.

A bit about my house: my sunniest window is in the kitchen, and while it's pretty sunny, plants grow really leggy there even in the spring and summer. I figure I'll need some kind of grow light, but I'm wondering what's the minimum that'll actually work?

Anybody have experience with this and/or references for light shopping?


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