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kitchen_kink: (dietrich)

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Created on 2013-05-17 19:18:52 (#2017442), last updated 2019-02-21 (3 weeks ago)

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Name:Oh look, it's Dietrich
Birthdate:Nov 10
Location:United States of America
Dietrich: aka Yummy Love Annum, Neutral Gender Gregarious Ruminant Animal, Fellatio Shizzlemah, Conversational Bite-Size Chunks, Guilty and Freakishly Strong, Lovey-Dovey Lust Dorkus, Nonprofit Automaton, Blind Stan the Ninja Goatherd, The Ventilator, Squish H. Ustinov, Immaculateness U. Yolk, Contusion G. Incessent, Crabbier O. Karamazov, Antagonize T. Pelvis, Confluence of Kitchen and Kink, High Priestess of the Sex Ziggurat

Strangeness and normalcy battle it out inside the curly head of the six-foot wonder known as kamazon: woman, warrior, chickenshit, artist and sellout. An eternal student, a writer, a singer, a lover-not-a-fighter (an ex-Michael Jackson fan), a social, sexual, sensual being who can't decide whether she wants to throw an orgy or be left alone, a Scorpio, a Dane, an Italian, an Englishwoman, a German, a Switzer...lander? A closet show-tune lover, an independent film fag, a drama queen, a caffeine addict (kicked it!), a wine-drinker, a frequent crier, a bisexual, a polyamorist (still hopeful, but not unrequited), an Internet addict, a late sleeper, a late stayer-upper, an over-analyzer, a lover

Or, put another way:

I am an eleutherophillist (practicing, in fact), given strongly to basorexia and cacchination, sometimes even simultaneously. As concerns my prosopography, some say that I am callipygean, but I see myself as merely steatopygic, and sciapodous to boot (no pun intended). I am interested in things jentacular (though I like all meals); dippoldism (but only when they're just pretending to be schoolchildren); knismesis (with careful parties); xenodocheionology (especially those of Cape Cod); sphallolalia (though sometimes it bears fruit); and the occasional latrinology. This journal might reveal me as an autohagiographer, even given to autolatry, but I hope you can find a sense of strikhedonia, and enjoy it. Perhaps you have found this weird word foray amusing. Or perhaps it's simply a witzelsucht.

(Ed. note: My life has become a social whirlwind. Add me to your friends list at will; don't expect me to add you back unless I've met you in person. It gets pretty down-low 'round these parts.)
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