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So yesterday, I decided to make ice cream from this recipe by David Lebowitz. (He doesn't tend to fail me.) I chose, however, to sweeten my ice cream with honey rather than sugar.

Well, did you know that honey is acidic? To borrow a page from [ profile] sparkymonster, WHO KNEW

Turns out if you heat up good milk and good raw honey in a pan together, you will get MELTED HONEY AND CURDLED MILK.

I let the gross-looking mess sit there with the vanilla in it and steep anyway, because dude, 3/4 cup of local raw honey is expensive and I wanted to see if I could salvage it.

Turns out I was in luck. I did the custard Very Carefully and it actually sort of reconstituted, and when I strained it into the cream, most of the tiny solid bits stayed behind. I churned it this morning, and whoa, it's amazingly tasty. So, not a total fail. Still, I think next time I'll try this recipe, which was developed with honey in mind. (Pro tip: apparently you add the honey at the end. WHO KNEW)
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Yesterday, in the Star Market parking lot at Porter, I passed two cars with two strange things in common.

On one, a bumper sticker with the familiar W.W.J.D. And on the same car, an equal rights sticker, ordinarily a subtle symbol of gay rights support.

On the other, a more humorous sentiment - How Would Jesus Drive? And near it on the bumper: Love Makes a Family.

In the subway, later, I saw an ad that said, and I shit you not: Abortion is a Decision Between a Woman and Her God. And in the sidebar: Pro-Faith. Pro-Family. Pro-Choice.

I swear, they don't make Christians like they used to.
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and somehow more wonderful.

Johnny Cash doing Nine Inch Nails and Depeche Mode may have started a trend...

I just heard Dolly Parton's version of Collective Soul's "Shine" on Radio Paradise.



Oct. 2nd, 2003 04:20 pm
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I just got to page 150.


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