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Hey all,

1. If I wanted to make my blog posts appear in a feed on LJ without my having to worry about it, is there an easy way to do that? My blog is on Wordpress.

2. Are you someone, or do you know someone, who would be willing to be an ASL coach for a play? It's minor - like, not Children of a Lesser God - but you need to be able to coach three actors to make them believable to varying levels of fluency.
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Hey all,

I started writing at the Examiner again, mainly because if I didn't, they'd take my column away and give it to someone else. :) I figure I can probably do one a week and keep it relatively current.

Check it out, if you like!
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Hey all. I've started a blog about my experiences and thoughts with RSM. Oddly enough, the post I made today is about choral singing.

Please check it out, comment, and tell people if you like it!
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I've figured out that most folks have moved on from Livejournal at this point, and everyone's scattered across the four winds - Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Dreamwidth. What this does for me, though, is interesting; it begins to restore this space to a place where not so many people are watching. I feel it frees me up again to write what I feel, and also to write things I know will probably be dull to others. It makes this space feel more like a journal and less like a blog - the latter being a place where I feel some responsibility to write well and with my audience in mind.

It's been too long since I've simply written whatever's in my head or whatever's going on just as a way to keep a record, and I think I just figured out that the reason for that is less that I don't have time or that other, shorter-attention-span services have taken over, nor even that I'm happier and so I write less. I think I've gotten out of the laundry-blogging habit because I've held myself to too high a standard.

Well, this little journal is probably about to go from quiet to loud but dull, so if you're still reading, thanks, and I do love comments. But I think I'll be making a shift from that being its primary purpose.
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Check out Part 2 of my article on the case in Canada that will determine whether a law that could potentially put polyamorous families in jail for up to 5 years is constitutional. Part 1 is here.
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Since the sad demise (almost) of Carnal Nation, my second article for them has been left in the lurch. I've decided to publish it as a 3-parter at Examiner.

"Polyamorists, who practice a form of open relationship that promotes full disclosure, gender equality, and multiple intimate partnerships, have long tried to distance themselves from their kissing cousins, patriarchal polygamists like the FLDS Church. But on November 22, a trial will begin in Canada that puts them on the same side of a constitutional legal challenge that will determine the criminality of both of their chosen lifestyles."

Continue reading Part 1...
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I got my interview with Christopher Ryan (co-author of Sex at Dawn) published at Carnal Nation!

See it here!

(And you don't have to read it for me to make money. Hehehehe!)
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Hey all,

My good pal and excellent writer/thinker Mike Marano is teaching a class at Grub Street this fall - at least, he will be if he gets enrollment up. Go sign up for his next class - or tell your friends about it!

Noted fiction editor, Stoker and International Horror Guild Award-winner, crime and SF writer Michael Marano will be offering a new class this fall on "Writing the Smart Page-Turner" at Grub Street, Inc., a non-profit creative writing center dedicated to nurturing writers and connecting readers with the wealth of writing talent in the Boston area. The class is geared for writers who work in all kinds of genres, from SF/Fantasy to Romance to Suspense/Thrillers to just about any other genre you can name, and is designed to help authors find their own distinct literary voice while working within those genres. Classes, which will meet over 10 Thursday nights from 7 - 10 PM in downtown Boston, will also be dedicated to practical concerns, like finding the right publishing venues to send your work, and how to work with editors and agents. **An overview of the course topics and readings can be found here**. For more information, contact Marano directly at profmike AT mindspring DOT com

"Mike knows what makes a great story. In his classes, he shares selections from his enormous library of references – novels of all types, TV shows, movie scripts – to showcase powerful writing techniques. He gives detailed, perceptive feedback to student writing. He holds us to the integrity of our stories, to say what we mean to say."--Carolyn R., former student.
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I just finished a long screed in response to an article that Alan of Polyamory in the News alerted me to, in which a family therapist coins the term "new monogamy" to refer to couples who have affairs openly.

It was a little hard to figure out what was pissing me off so much about it until I got partway through the writing, but...well, you'll see.

Hope you enjoy it. Comments, there or here, very welcome.
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If you already read my Examiner column and it makes you happy, I'm very pleased and I also want to thank you.

If not, I actually want to ask for a favor. The Examiner doesn't exactly pay very well, and much of my revenue is based on a mysterious metric that is driven in part by pay-per-click. So if you wouldn't mind to clicky the linky when I post these, I'd sure appreciate it. Session duration matters too, so hey, even if you don't actually read it, open it in a new tab and leave it in your browser for a while.

Your support in these tight economic times is appreciated. :)

(The above article, incidentally, is about different poly styles.)
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For those of you who may have tried to read my long slog through the ART's most recent season and gave up because of all the aggravating coding errors and typos committed due to my staying up to post the damn thing until 3 am and having a few drinks in me at the's fixed now. Sorry about that.
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Just my periodic update of what I've been doing over at my Examiner column:

Some people who dared to swing in China could face up to five years in jail. Oh well, at least it's better than the life sentence or death penalty that the charge of criminal licentiousness used to carry...

Part 2 of the feast or famine article: what to look at when you can't seem to get a date. (Part 1 is here.)

The importance and challenges of saying, and accepting, 'no' in poly contexts.

And this week's listings.
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I'm not so great at the advertising thing, but the Examiner is running a campaign to get local businesses to sponsor Examiner columns.

I have a decent and growing readership among people interested in alternative relationship styles, polyamory, swinging, kink and sacred sexuality. Anyone out there want to advertise through my column? Let me know!



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