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Hey all,

I started writing at the Examiner again, mainly because if I didn't, they'd take my column away and give it to someone else. :) I figure I can probably do one a week and keep it relatively current.

Check it out, if you like!
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Check out Part 2 of my article on the case in Canada that will determine whether a law that could potentially put polyamorous families in jail for up to 5 years is constitutional. Part 1 is here.
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Since the sad demise (almost) of Carnal Nation, my second article for them has been left in the lurch. I've decided to publish it as a 3-parter at Examiner.

"Polyamorists, who practice a form of open relationship that promotes full disclosure, gender equality, and multiple intimate partnerships, have long tried to distance themselves from their kissing cousins, patriarchal polygamists like the FLDS Church. But on November 22, a trial will begin in Canada that puts them on the same side of a constitutional legal challenge that will determine the criminality of both of their chosen lifestyles."

Continue reading Part 1...
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I just finished a long screed in response to an article that Alan of Polyamory in the News alerted me to, in which a family therapist coins the term "new monogamy" to refer to couples who have affairs openly.

It was a little hard to figure out what was pissing me off so much about it until I got partway through the writing, but...well, you'll see.

Hope you enjoy it. Comments, there or here, very welcome.
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Just my periodic update of what I've been doing over at my Examiner column:

Some people who dared to swing in China could face up to five years in jail. Oh well, at least it's better than the life sentence or death penalty that the charge of criminal licentiousness used to carry...

Part 2 of the feast or famine article: what to look at when you can't seem to get a date. (Part 1 is here.)

The importance and challenges of saying, and accepting, 'no' in poly contexts.

And this week's listings.
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[ profile] hahathor recently shared with me an article called Five Geek Social Fallacies. It got me thinking, and so I wrote an article outlining proposed Poly Social Fallacies. It turned into a monster over 1500 words, so I'll be publishing it in two parts.

Here's Part 1.
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I figured this was relevant for the Examiner: isn't it my responsibility to talk about threats to our communities?

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This week's listings are up, including some controversial-looking films on pornography - and genuine sexuality - being shown for free.

The article about STIs and the stigma surrounding them even in "evolved" alternative sexuality communities is up and awaiting commentary and shared stories.

Your humble author weighs in on why it can be so hard to maintain friendships when you have multiple romantic relationships to manage, and offers some suggestions.

What would you like to see an article about?
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It's cervical cancer screening month, so I'm taking the opportunity to write more stuff about HPV, this time in the context of open relationships.

Here's my latest article, essentially an overview. Friday I hope to write a more in-depth opinion article about how stigma and shame operate around HPV and other STDs in open relationship communities.

Your comments and input welcome!
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Hi, all,

As always, I'm hoping to increase my readership over at my Examiner column. I figure that one way of doing this is to read, link to, and comment on related blogs.

Do you have any blogs about poly, swinging, or other non-monogamy structures that you recommend - particularly ones that go beyond 101?

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I wrote an article today about Thanksgiving with bio-family when you're poly. I'd love to hear stories from people with more direct experience of this.

I also, in my travels, found this hilarious answer to an advice question about coming out on Thanksgiving, written by the fabulous Felicia. Probably NSFW, for language. :)


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