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Dear Dumbass,

Just because you have figured out that most of your trouble has to do with hormones, doesn't mean you should forget that you have a yeast allergy and drink cask-style (unfiltered) local porter at CBC. Because if you do, you will end up spending much of the next day asleep, and the rest of it wondering how you're going to make it through the remaining hours.

I know it's tasty. But really. Please.

Sincerely yours,
The Body

P.S. No, seriously.
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Around February 2004, I started working out in what I can safely say is the most consistent way I ever have; that is, since then, I don't think I've ever gone more than two weeks without hitting the gym at least once. I've been pretty durned steady-as-she-goes the past few weeks, lifting twice a week, doing cardio three or four times, and usually a yoga class. I feel like I've reached a plateau, though, and for some reason, I also have been gaining weight (this may be due to a change in birth control scripts: Seasonale, while it is in every other way my friend, may have caused a bit of weight gain).

[ profile] sensesurfer asked me recently if I ever thought about just getting all buffed out. Of course I do, but I told him that I'd decided I'm not capable of it. He kindly informed me that that was nonsense, and I needed to be working to failure - each body part only once a week. (And maybe take Creatine, too, but I'm suspicious of powdery muscle supplements. Anyone have any experience with this stuff?)


So I decided to give it a shot. Tuesday I worked my chest and shoulders until they could be worked no more, and did some abs. Yesterday, I hit my legs the way I haven't since my earliest days of weightlifting (actually did calf raises, hip adductors and abductors, and three different kinds of leg presses - I don't do the quad lifts or leg curls, they feel weird on the backs of my knees), and today I wailed on my back and biceps.

Result? Well for one - DAMN I'm sore! I'm like Sorey McSoreypants here. I realize how long it's been since I did high weight, low reps, and I've never done it where I don't let myself do more than eight reps per set - that is, where I lift enough weight that doing more than eight is physically impossible.

I injured my left shoulder over two years ago, and sometime last year realized I had slightly injured the right one in overcompensating for the left. But they haven't been bothering me at all lately, and I've been doing low weight, high reps on chest presses, shoulder presses and pull-ups for months. So I'm going for it, with warm-up stretches for the shoulders, and very-low-weight rotator-cuff exercises once a week before my other shoulder stuff. The stuff that hurts right now seems definitely to be sore muscle (good pain), not pulled muscle or messed-up tendons (bad pain!), but I suppose as I rest over the weekend I'll get to know for sure.

Besides this, I also seem to be becoming some kind of protein monkey. After working out yesterday, I had two pieces of turkey and a piece of cheese, followed by a banana with a bunch of almond butter. In about an hour I was hungry again - for meat. I had been planning on cooking eggplant; that plan was totally fucked. I wanted sushi. After billions of sushi I desired ice cream - not the delicious sorbet that [ profile] novalis made which is living in our freezer, but ice CREAM with fucking MILK and fucking FAT and PROTEIN. And sugar, yes, but that was fairly incidental at this point.

Meanwhile, last night I finally seem to have caught up on sleep/rest from the events of the weekend, and woke without difficulty around 7:30.

This morning I had an omelet with lots of cheese in it, and while I ate the potatoes that came with it, they weren't all that interesting. My zucchini muffin, which was tasty, I didn't even finish. Those of you who know my breakfast habits will know how weird this is. Me, not finish a sweet breakfast carbohydratey thing? The people near me were having waffles, and they just looked, I don't know...ick.

And then there was my food shopping trip. First I picked out some nice veggies and not too much fruit. I thought about cutting the veggies into bits and putting them in the fridge for quick snacking. (?!) Then I skipped the cracker aisle, not even stopping to buy rice cakes, which were my staff of life during the elimination diet. Instead I got two pounds of halibut steak (on sale!), a pound of beef sirloin tips, a 32-oz thing of yogurt, a pound of cottage cheese, a small wheel of provolone, a block of dill havarti, two packs of smoked turkey breast, a pack of turkey bologna, a pack of sliced swiss cheese, and a dozen eggs.

What. The fuck. Is wrong with me.

I hope it stays wrong. I feel great.

Hm. My body wants MORE protein, MORE! What will happen? Will I purchase an overpriced salad with meat and cheese all over it? Will I search the local groceries in vain for unsweetened yogurt? Will I have to eat one of my fellow Diesel denizens?

Stay tuned, for the further adventures of PROTEIN MONKEY!!!
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Dear Dumbass,

Just because it's flatbread doesn't mean it doesn't have yeast in it.

Sincerely yours,
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Since the results of my elimination diet were inconclusive aside from the obvious big bad of yeast (and even that doesn't seem consistent; commercial bread yeast obviously bad, unfiltered beer obviously bad, wine not so much bad), I decided to continue my body experiments with some longer trials.

The other main things I reacted to were wheat, dairy, and corn, each having a mild reaction. So I thought I'd eliminate two out of three for four days or a week at a time.

Last week I ate wheat, but no dairy or corn. At first it didn't seem so bad. But I woke up tired and nauseated (class-cancelling level of sick) after eating commercial pasta - made with "enriched" flour. Ha. I'm told those vitamins are often derived from yeast. Oops.

Next few days, I ate only whole wheat and stuff I'd made so I knew it wasn't from enriched flour. The nausea went away. But all week I felt rather tired and low-energy - hard to get up in the morning, not terribly motivated, unfocused. I started to notice breathing problems - nothing severe, just an inability to fully catch my breath, and feeling winded sooner than usual, like from climbing stairs. And by Friday, I was sitting in the Diesel having just eaten some sandwiches made from the whole-wheat soda bread I'd made, and I started to feel what I might describe as a very mild anaphylactic reaction: swollen tongue and throat, slight difficulty swallowing.

How about that shit.

So this week, I cut out wheat, and am testing dairy. Only fermented dairy, mind you, as I know milk makes me a bit ill and I don't generally drink it anyway. Results thus far: eh. Yesterday I woke up feeling sort of bleh after eating a lot of cheese the day before, and I didn't get that much done in the way of work. I was able to handle small tasks, household duties, and social stuff, but couldn't buckle down and write or grade papers. Today: slept until nearly 11, and haven't done any work yet - only making stew, planning the next few days' menus, and stuff of that nature. Today I'm eating only goat and sheep dairy (goat yogurt - weird!), but my stomach doesn't seem to know the difference: it's still a trifle unsettled, and the stuff below that is a bit clogged up. (Ick.)

So I'm thinking that the yeast causes much of my nausea, but that the wheat and dairy help. The wheat and dairy, especially over several days in a row, cause sluggishness and low energy. And the wheat causes my exercise-induced asthma, while the dairy contributes to my ADD-like symptoms.

And then, when I'm all groggy and unfocused, I reach for the caffeine. Cycle complete.

Wow. Cool.

Except not, because that means I need to avoid all of it.

To quote [ profile] lady_tabitha: Pills and water!

But seriously: I love food entirely too much for that. So I'll have to use my judgment. Tomorrow is a holiday: I'm going to go all out and not worry about it. Likely the same for Christmas. In ordinary life, though, I figure I'll not eat any of those things when I can avoid it, eat it when I can't, and eat it on special occasions.

ED update

Oct. 8th, 2004 12:47 pm
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So as I suspected, I had a mild reaction to wheat. I felt basically...full...most of the day after eating it (in fairly mass quantities; cereal and then a bunch of wheat pasta). The next day, I woke up a bit nauseated. Not too bad. But again - probably feeding the yeast. Not to mention that wheat's supposed to be pretty hard to digest.

Today I'm testing sugar. Yes, pure, refined, white, unadulturated sugar. I put it on my rice krispies with bananas and walnuts.

So far, I have some kind of sore throat, and feel sort of groggy. Hmpf. I'll happily give this stuff up.
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Well, either I'm reactive to everything (which doesn't make sense, and which the nutritionist says might mean it's something else) or so far I have mild sensitivities to citrus, corn, and milk. Eggs were fine.

I wonder if it's possible that these mild reactions (slight nausea, slight tiredness, usually passing before day's end) have anything to do with my body's simply having gotten used to not having these things, and needing to readjust?

This is getting a bit frustrating. I was really hoping I'd have some big reaction to something, the way [ profile] tafkar did to corn. So far, citrus was my strongest reaction - sharp, sudden stomach pains, stomach discomfort the rest of the day, crankiness by nightfall. But nothing is making me pass-out tired, or very sick, or anything.

Is it possible that all of these things are simply bad for people and should be avoided anyway?? Or is it the sum totality of all of these mild sensitivities that has been making me feel mildly shitty all the time? Will I have to be on this diet (plus eggs, apparently) forever??

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Eggs seem to have gone by without incident. (Yay!)

Corn, however, seems to give me mild nausea, hot flushes and tiredness. (Boo!)

That is all for now...
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As of yesterday, I'd been in the elimination phase of the diet for 2 weeks and 2 days. The nutritionist said to start challenging things when my symptoms reached a plateau, and since the initial breakthrough around the end of the first week, I hadn't seen any significant improvement, and started to understand my ups and downs within a new baseline, if that makes sense. In other words, rather than sometimes feeling okay and sometimes feeling awful, I mostly felt great, with the occasional tired spell or whathaveyou, for several days.

So yesterday, I decided to try the first challenge.

It turns out that... )

So, it's a nice solution to part of the mystery. I started with citrus because I didn't think I was sensitive to it at all! I figured I'd challenge the things I didn't think it was first, so that any residual effects wouldn't leak over into the next challenge. So much for that!

I wish this were the only solution, but I'm sure it won't be - namely because I don't generally consume all that much citrus. Oranges and such are too much of a pain to eat, and I mostly don't drink juice since it's concentrated sugar and a waste of calories. But I've always found my lips get all irritated and I sometimes break out if I drink too much orange juice. No more screwdrivers for me!

I wonder if I now need to avoid foods with citric acid in them. The hummus I've been eating, which contains it, doesn't seem to have any ill effects. Still, might be worthwhile to ask.
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I must admit, I'm beginning to wonder about this elimination diet thing. I just finished the second week of the elimination phase - getting rid of common allergens in my diet like corn, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs, and yeast. So far, the good: my digestive issues are gone, I have energy to carry me through the day, I can concentrate on my work for the most part, I'm happy and not going through inexplicable mood swings. The bad: My year-round allergies don't seem to be helped much at all - from one day to the next it's unpredictable whether I'll wake up with a stuffy nose, itchy ears, dry puffy eyes and a headache, or not. I've been faithfully taking the desensitization drops, noticing little difference. My doctor and everyone dealing with me has spoken of a "rain barrel effect," to wit, your body's resistance against allergens is like a rain barrel - it can take a certain amount before it starts to overflow. Ostensibly, ridding my body of some of the built-up food allergy problems should contribute to making my year-round inhalible allergies better. It doesn't seem to have.

The corollary to this is my still fucked-up sleep schedule. With my new-found energy, I now want to stay up until 2 a.m. doing work or having fun! Then I get up, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, a little before 10 - a nice, round, eight hours of sleep.

If I am a good girl and go to bed before midnight, I still can't get out of bed until 10, and feel groggy, grumpy and guilty doing it.

Oh, the body, she is a complex place.

Here's the thing: what if I'm not allergic to any foods? What if, in fact, I've just spent two weeks ingesting no caffeine, alcohol, or refined sugars, and my body's just really happy about that?
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Today's teaching was a lot more inspiring. For whatever reason, the kids in the first class were engaged and ready to work. They summarized, they analyzed, they inferred. Look! I almost said to them. You just thought critically! It's a great feeling when you're writing on the board and they just keep throwing up suggestions for what the purpose of Cisneros' essay might be. It's even more thrilling when they start disagreeing with each other, then seeing how they might all be right.

My second class wasn't as great - they're all afternoon-tired at 2:30 and need to be really impressed in order to participate - but I was riding the wave from the first class, and managed to make my way through this one, and by the middle of it, they were saying interesting things too.

Not to mention that I feel scads better today. I'm all energetic and shit. It's weird. I wonder what I'm allergic to!
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Okay, it seems that for at least the first three days, I always get a headache around 3:30. Weird.

I must say, though, that a good workout helps my outlook tremendously. I'm feeling a sight better today than I was last night. And hopefully, tonight I won't falter into cranky or sleepy again...

For all who care, my actual size email is back online. Happiness reigns.

That's all she wrote for now. How very content-free. Gotta go transcribe. Hooo-frickin-ray.
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So today started with more tiredness and heaviness, and ended with The Cranky. I was in that everything-is-annoying-me place again, and I'm not so much out of it now. Actually, the way I'd more describe the state is somewhere between nothing-excites-me and everything-annoys-me. The yummy dinner I'd planned was a nice diversion, but it didn't get me jazzed the way last night's did. My usual dropsy and heart trouble (another old family expression for constant dropping of things meant to stay in hands) annoyed me far more than usual, unhelped by a killer headache I developed sometime around 3:30 p.m.

I finally dragged my ass out to yoga, which helped some, but that particular instructor's style is what I can only describe as...male. He's good, and strong, and quite gentle and helpful, but the poses he concentrates on are mainly warrior series and lots of plank-to-downward dog-to-plank-to-low-plank-to-cobra kinda stuff. By the end, my arms are killing me and my legs are still tight. Where are my deep squats and Goddess postures?! Where my deep hamstring stretches?

Anyway. I'm still cranky. I got upset in yoga if someone was better than me, which never happens.

Sigh. It makes a person desire very little other than sleep.

Soon, precious.
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Okay, so I won't actually be journaling about this daily, at least not until I get to the food challenge part. (I love that: the first part of the diet is called Induction - like I'm being initiated into some sort of secret society. The second part is called the Food Challenge - which sounds like a bad Food Network game show.)

But I wanted to start off with some thoughts.

First of all, for those of you who don't know, Here's what the Elimination Diet is. )

So yesterday was my first day on it, and I was determined to make the best of it. The last thing I need if I'm going to make it through this thing is to feel deprived. So I started the day with brown rice crispies, almond milk, blueberries and cantaloupe. Around lunch I had carrots, an apple, some more cantaloupe, rice cakes and almond butter. And at the Diesel, I tried a new thing: Wu Wei tea, which I'd recommend to anyone who likes rosehips and yummy spicyness. For dinner I made salmon with onions, garlic, olive oil, tarragon and sliced green zebra tomatoes (Thanks, [ profile] hissilliness!), brown rice with onions, garlic, and walnuts, and salad with spinach, heirloom tomatoes, lemon cucumbers and fresh avocado. Oh yes, satiation was mine.

By 10 pm, though, I was exhausted to the point of lack of motion. I just needed to see a pillow, immediately. This morning I dragged myself up at 7:30 to have breakfast with [ profile] imlad, but then found myself needing to go back for an hour or so more. Writing this, I still feel groggy and vague, and I have to teach a class in two and a half hours. Luckily, it's the first day of the semester, so I can summon some fake chipperness for a little while, then sit there and zone while they do their 45-minute diagnostic writing test.

Hopefully this cleansing phase, of which I was warned, won't last too long...
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I haven't had any adverse symptoms in the past few days, and perhaps as a result I haven't been as meticulously recording what I eat. Also, it's been similar to the stuff I've been eating, with perhaps a greater emphasis on Thai food. (Are rice noodles and white rice okay, I wonder? I did have brown rice tonight...) What this has also been an opportunity for is lots of amazing sushi. Sooooosheeeee...

I cheated a trifle today and had my rooibos herbal chai with soy milk and...a little raw sugar. The Diesel was out of honey!

I went to a prose reading at chez [ profile] fanw last night and read an exceedingly wrong passage from a Chuck Palahnuik book I favor. (Just keep thinking: What would Jesus not do?) I also met some cool new people, an adorable new cat, and many new chocolate chip cookies and cheeses I couldn't have. Wah. But a good time was had by all, and then I got to go home and do terrible terrible things. :)

Wow. Looks like I'm sort of writing a real entry. This could get dangerous.

Perhaps I'll return this week with some words...
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Woke up with a solid eight hours sleep; rather achy, but think that's from insufficient stretching at the gym Tuesday.

Had lovely steel-cut oats for brekkies, with a smidge of cultured butter, sale, maple syrup and berries. No green tea today: peppermint. Gonna see how I do with no caffeine.

Around 11 am I take my midmorning herbs and I have a slight headache. Hmmm. I'm guessing also that that hunger [ profile] ert and I are both feeling, in spite of eating a normal amount of food, has to do with caffeine withdrawal - it is quite the appetite suppressant.

I go for the snacky-bars I made yesterday and found they haven't solidified; in fact, they seem to be a sort of pudding. I decide to bake it. The resulting consistency is rather like bread pudding. Pleasant.

Lunch is a big salad, greens and tomatoes and carrots, tuna and raw cheddar, and veggie soup with miso and tofu.

After the gym, was starving anyway, and had a little bowl of the millet "pudding" I seem to have made. Tasty!

Got to the Diesel around 6 and was still headaching, so finally succumbed to the green tea. Then had Thai food, which sadly had egg in it, which I wasn't supposed to have. But edamame, rice noodles, veggies and chicken with spicy basil sauce did me good.

For the first time, wasn't exhausted at 10:30 pm.
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Yesterday I saw a picture of chocolates on my screen and salivated. I walked out of my house and down toward Powderhouse park and smelled fried chicken. Out on the bike path, the scent of donuts frying.


Eats. )
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Woke up a bit tired; not really groggy and awful so much as "gee, I could lie here in bed a bit longer..." So I got up at 9 instead of the previous day's wonderful 7:30.

Had a late breakfast of yogurt, blueberries, bananas, a bit of honey and green tea. Cooked a big-ol pot of millet, probably using too much water, since it came out sort of mushy. About an hour before going to the gym, had a small portion of said millet with garlic, oil, and pepper. It tasted...unremarkable.

At the gym, before, during and after, I felt a bit sluggish. Didn't really feel like lifting weights, and the lifting itself was difficult and sweat-inducing. We quit early and came back for lunch.

Lunch was tofu, spinach, onions and millet cooked in evoo with mustard seeds, garlic, turmeric, asofoedita, and cumin. That was about as tasty as it sounds, i.e. extremely.

Been drinking warm water throughout the day, sometimes with lemon. Feeling a bit spacy and tired.

Apple-snack at 4pm. A little sugar has given me a little more focus, but not much.

Got progressively less energetic throughout the day. Walked the dog rather listlessly, then had a piece of raw cheese before preparing dinner - broccoli with soy sauce, honey, and sesame seeds, and Japanese noodle soup with spinach and tofu.

Around 10:30 now: I feel tired, bloated, and headachy. Off to bed with me.


May. 17th, 2004 11:09 am
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This may be of interest to nobody but me, but I began a two-week cleanse today that I'd like to chronicle, just to see how I'm feeling, how different foods affect me, and what these crazy herbs are doing to my body.

I'm using Supreme Cleanse, an herbal program used and recommended by [ profile] amber_phoenix. It mainly involves an unpleasant-tasting powder and several unpleasant-tasting drops, all added to warm water and ingested at various points throughout the day.

To maximize the benefits, one is meant to avoid and favor certain foods as well. So for two weeks, I'll be giving up the obvious coffee, chocolate, alcohol and refined sugar, as well as red meat (not too difficult), breads (ack!), eggs, and most dairy products - keeping yogurt and raw cheeses. Perhaps in the last few days I'll cut out the dairy as well, just to see how I feel.

I Eat, I Feel. )
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Every now and then, when I start to feel particularly toxic, when I start eating dessert every night, for example, or having wine with dinner four or five times a week, or when I'm not only drinking two cups of coffee in the morning, but also enjoying a mocha at the cafe in the afternoon while I write...well...I feel like it's time for a detox.

I've tried many things. I haven't tried simple water-fasting, mainly because I think doing that for a day or more would slow my metabolism down, not to mention that it makes me pass out. I'm no Gandhi; I'm a big girl with a lot of muscle-mass to keep going.

So I've tried juice fasting. I've tried some sort of supposed Seneca Indian Cleaning Diet, where you eat only fruits and their juices one day, only herbal teas the next, only vegetables and their juices the third day, and only broth the fourth. No dice; I caved before the last day, and the herbal tea day was too much.

So I talked to a naturopath I know in Hawai'i, who said that if I'm one of those people who doesn't take well to fasting, I should try simple, easy to digest cooked vegetables, a sprouted, cooked grain that isn't wheat, corn or oats, and a "nutriceutical," some combination of protein and other nutrients in a powder, which I could get from her. (She doesn't like or trust the ones they have in Whole Foods.) This is especially for liver cleansing, which she suggested is good for acne.

Meanwhile, I found some success about a year ago when I gave up on a fruit fast yet again (it sends my blood sugar into the toilet) and decided to go on a vegan diet for four days, with no: caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, or wheat.

So I'm doing that again, except that yesterday I tried to go without any complex carbs.

Not. Working. So. Well.

This morning I awoke with a killer headache, which I think can be traced to caffeine withdrawal. I was also weak and faint, so I started the day with an apple and some peanut butter. It helped, a little. But yesterday and today I've been severely lacking focus.

My understanding of fasting is that it's meant to be a contemplative time, a time when it's okay for your mind to go wandering, in fact, crucial. It's a journey that lifts you out of the physical realm, out even of the mental realm, to the spiritual.

Mainly because you can't walk or think straight.

So right now I'm eating some brown rice, and I can already feel the carbs doing their work. I've also taking a tip from [ profile] ceelove and I'm eating lemon juice, olive oil, raw garlic, parsley and cayenne pepper to assist the liver cleanse.

But I still feel pretty depressed and unfocussed.

Does anyone have any experience with detoxing (in whatever manner), and know how long you should feel, well, toxic, before the crap flushes out of your system?

And yes, I'm drinking plenty of water.


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