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Jan. 19th, 2007 01:17 pm
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Does anyone have a (preferably free) client they recommend for uploading a *lot* of pictures to LJ, and making them smaller first?
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So, my Mail program has been acting really screwy lately.

The main things it keeps doing are as follows:

1. Either re-downloading already downloaded and read messages or re-marking them as "new." This also means that if I've flagged anything, responded to it, forwarded it, or done anything else with it, all of those markings are lost. This is also true for messages I've de-flagged - they get flagged again whenever Mail pulls one of these "backwards" moves.

2. Not sorting messages into the folders I've designated with Mail's "Rules" option.

Anybody know how to fix a buggy Mail, or why this might be happening? It started out as a nuisance, but now it's actually disturbing my workflow and organization.

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So, say you were on a cleanse, peaking in a water- and tea-only fast this Sunday. Say you would like to go on that day to some woods. Ideally, said woods would be:

1. not too far away from Cambridge/Somerville, as you don't want to drive too far while on a fast;
2. not too crowded, so you could do silly spiritual things without attracting too much human attention;
3. not made up entirely of hills and mountainy things, as you will be weak from fasting and not so much into climbing things, and;
4. still fairly isolated.

Where would you go?
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Wardrobe question here, particularly for the taller and/or bigger women in the group:

I've found that Frederick's of Hollywood, as well as the great site, carry stockings - with or without need for garters - that suit my long-legged big-thighed self perfectly. Check it out.

What I'm looking for now are:

1. Tights, preferably very opaque, that don't itch or bind
2. Thigh-high socks (hey [ profile] water_childe?) that stay up well and don't cut off circulation in the thighs or make them look like sausages
3. Thigh-high tights - if there are such a thing - which would be infinitely preferable to full length tights
4. Any other sexy options for staying warm under skirts - short or long - in the Boston winter.

Thankye, folks!
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I've been trying for some time, unsucessfully, to define for [ profile] imlad the loose musical term, "riff."

How would you define what a riff is? Is it the same thing as a lick? (I think maybe not; isn't a lick more of a fancy flourish on an instrument such as a guitar, rather than a repeated theme throughout a song?) How about a motif? Or is that just for classical music?

Help me out here.
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So people:

What do you use to make those cool animated icons y'all have? What I'd like to do is stick some text on top of some pictures, and have them run in a certain order on a repeat loop.

Is there an easy way/place to do this? Do I have to have Photoshop? Or Flash? Or some other damn thing?
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Hey, folks,

A camping excursion was to occur this weekend; now it isn't.

We were thinking of getting out in nature anyway.

Where do folks generally go when they want to do fall hikes? Or camping?
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Anyone know where around here I can get little rubber skulls, hands, and hearts? Like, semi-realistic hearts, not valentines.
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I'm building some galleries for a website. Is there an easy way to:

1. Take a bunch of images that you want in a gallery and make them all thumbnail-sized

2. Make those thumbnails clickable so they open a larger image

3. Make a gallery with little arrows so a person can click from one image to the next

4. Create a slideshow in Dreamweaver that does #3 by itself

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Is there. A reason. Why iPhoto.


[Edited to add:] Anyone have suggestions for other Mac-friendly photo-organizing programs that don't cost $200?
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Hey, folks,

So, say a murder trial has just begun. An unexpected witness shows up and confesses to the crime.

What happens? Is it a mistrial? Is this just taken into account and things go on, or do they have to start over with an arrest, and so forth? Does the original suspect get off?

Keep in mind this is for fictional purposes and so dramatic-realistic is the goal, not hyper-realistic, but I'm just looking for the terms, or maybe a little bit of procedural stuff.
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So, fitness geeks:

I just finished my second week of working each major muscle group to failure once a week. Still need a lot of protein, still sleeping a lot, and while it could be the weather, I think it may be affecting my depression (that is, exacerbating it) as well. But we'll see how it goes.

One thing I'm wondering about, though:

So I weighed myself one day before I went to lift. For fun, when I was done lifting, I weighed myself again, to find that I was about a pound and a half heavier than when I started. The next time I tried it: two and a half pounds.

When I mentioned this to someone, they suggested that it was the water I was drinking. Okay, maybe. But today, I drink maybe 2/3 of a pint bottle of water, and after working out, I was still a pound heavier.

What's the deal?
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So, when I was around 16, I got my ears pierced in the way that girls who are 16 and live in New Jersey do: I went to the mall.

This means that they were pierced with a gun.

I've come to understand that gun-piercings, where an earring is shot directly into the earlobe, are inferior to needle-piercings, in which a hollow needle is used and an actual bit of the lobe is removed before an earring is inserted.

I've come to believe in this inferiority, basically because for as long as my ears have been pierced, my earring-holes have been attempting to close every time I don't have earrings in for more than a day. I often did not wear earrings, basically because when I did wear them (whatever they were made of; it didn't matter), my ears would hurt and get red and nasty.

I discovered last year that consistently wearing captive-bead earrings of a slightly larger gauge than I was used to opened the holes and kept them happy and uninfected. So that's what I do now.

However, I also like to change my earrings from time to time, and sometimes leave my earrings out as a result, and then I get the hole-closing and the irritation...

You see my issue.

So what I'm wondering is, would anyone out there be willing to perform, or recommend someone who could perform, a proper needle-piercing through the holes that are already in my ears? I'd prefer it be cheap or for trade.

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So, I looked at VistaPrint. They have a thing where you can upload your own design.

I could make my own design, but I don't have, like, Photoshop or Quark.

Any other suggestions for idiot-proof, preferably free software that will let me do such things?

Also, does vistaprint do black cards? They don't seem to...
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Hey, friends,

I needs me some spiffy bidness cards. With pikchurs 'n' shit. (This was all the fault of me typing "needs" instead of "need" in that sentence.)

Where have you (where you is local Bostonish folk) gotten business cards printed that you were happy with?

Where have you (where you is non-local folk or local folk who have done this online) gotten business cards online that were happy-making?

Is it better to do this in person, or is online just as good?

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Or, Dear LJ Genie,

What's your favorite place to register a domain?
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Ladies (and/or appropriate gentlemen):

Where in the Boston (preferably Camberville) area have any of you lovelies gotten good pedicures?

Also, waxing?


(here ends girly message)

(ironic usericon chosen deliberately)
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1. What is the proceeding called wherein a person being brought up on criminal charges goes before the judge and pleads guilty or not-guilty? Is that the indictment, or something else?

2. If a person is suspected of, say, a murder, and is held without bail, in what type of facility is he held, and how long can they keep him there before bringing formal charges? Can people visit him there?

3. What's the fastest that such a case can come to trial? Until it comes to trial, can the person be held?
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Long, thin cardboard tubing, say, three feet long or so?

Hint: I'd rather not pay much for it.
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So I'll try to explain this simply yet thoroughly, because if I confuse myself, I'm *sure* to confuse others.

Here's what I want:

I run iTunes on Mac OS X. I recently bought a huge mother external hard drive. I would like to put my entire music collection on this hard drive, so that whenever the drive is plugged in, I can access all of my music that way.

However, I also wish to keep a selection of my music on my laptop's hard drive, so that I can take my very favorite stuff with me whereever I go.

The problem:

The easiest way to get my music onto the external hard drive would appear to be to tell iTunes to locate my iTunes music folder on the external hard drive rather than on the laptop's hard drive, then begin importing the CDs into iTunes. However, I worry that doing that would prevent my laptop from being able to access the music on its own hard drive when the external one is not plugged in, or at least that it would confuse it.

The question:

Should I move my iTunes music folder to the external drive, and if so, should I keep another version of the same folder on my laptop? If not, what *should* I do?


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