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The Prime Computer known as the MC (and known in this fleshly world as Julia Lunetta) is keeping a blog. It is high-larious.


I am amused

Mar. 9th, 2010 10:29 am
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Reading a tutorial on using CGI to make a form generate and email and send it to me. The example given for the email template is as follows:

To: strangeman@chasm.big HEADER LINES
Subject: questions three
blank line
What is your name? [yourname]
What is your quest? [quest] BODY
What is your favourite colour? [colour]
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I wrote an article today about Thanksgiving with bio-family when you're poly. I'd love to hear stories from people with more direct experience of this.

I also, in my travels, found this hilarious answer to an advice question about coming out on Thanksgiving, written by the fabulous Felicia. Probably NSFW, for language. :)
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I'm going through stuff in my study and I found an unmarked CD. It turns out that on it are studio recordings of all the pieces the little wedding choir I put together did for [ profile] imlad and my wedding. Beautiful little recordings of "The Heart's Cry" by Anuna, "To Be Sung of a Summer Night by the Water" by Frederick Delius, and of course the original masterpiece "love is the every only god" by our own [ profile] sen_no_ongaku.

And. AND.

What I'd almost forgotten about, which is a bonus track of that final piece, sung entirely on kazoo.

I'm grateful for that kind of laughter that dissolves into tears, and vice versa.
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Me: *crrrrrackkk!!*
He: Wow. That was just amazing.
Me: It's always that spot, isn't it.
He: Not always, but frequently, yes.
Me: I wonder why that is.
He: Impure thoughts.


Talking about diet:
He: The best thing to do, really, is just give up all grains, entirely, and just eat foods in their whole forms. Try it, it makes an incredible difference.
She: The tough part is breakfast.
He: I like to take some smoked trout with some sliced egg, put it on a bed of Bibb lettuce, and drizzle a little of whatever dressing - and that's breakfast. So much better than having coffee and a croissant all the time.
Me: ...
He: On the other hand, what's the point of living?
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Okay, so up until this moment I had no use whatsoever for Twitter. But now, regardless of whether or not this is legitimately him? This is the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while.
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Scott Jarrett, my beloved conductor with the Back Bay Chorale, is probably around 34 years old and rather boyish looking in spite of a receding hairline. Professional conducting being a bit of an older man's game, he sometimes likes to do silly stuff like pretending to be a Luddite. To wit:

"I'll give you my three favorite recorded versions of the piece, and then you can download them from your iSongs or whatever that thing is you use."

"I'll post it on our FaceSpace."
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I still need to write my 100 days posts from yesterday and today.

Until I do that, I give you, from [ profile] sigerson, this piece of brilliance: Garfield minus Garfield.

Take the old Garfield strips, and leave out Garfield. What's left? Jon Arbuckle, hopelessly lonely and insane.

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From [ profile] harlequinaide: This is just hilarious and beautiful.

I'm unclear whether it's actually by Bukowski or someone aping his style, but either way, it's brilliant.


Sep. 12th, 2007 11:15 pm
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From [ profile] moominmolly, who got it from [ profile] fennel:

A blender you growl at to make it work.

Make sure to watch the movie, which is really the entire wonderful point.

ETA: I encourage you to google Kelly Dobson and just go check out her site. Especially watch "Session," part of her "machine therapy" series.
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A man who is 'ill-adjusted' to the world is always on the verge of finding himself. One who is adjusted to the world never finds himself, but gets to be a cabinet minister.

-Hermann Hesse, novelist, poet, Nobel laureate
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I wish to fcuk with you! Also I hope you too! One mroe my photo, do not terminate;)

Was this spam written by a Dalek? You decide...
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[Scene: we've recently eaten pizza for dinner, D's containing both olives and an abundance of anchovies]

D: Could you please do me a huge favor?

K: What?

D: Could you get me a huge glass of water or two?

K: Yeah, you just had all that salt.

D: I feel like I went down on Lot's wife or something.
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Quoted from somewhere. ([ profile] imlad, who gave it to me: help?) I do wish the scansion were a bit better, but still... can't... stop... laughing...

[With apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan, and
also to one Lollius. Note: In order to avoid the
infringement of individual rights by imposing
totalitarian ideals of harmony, the soloist and
choristers may sing each in his or her own tempo,
tune, and key.]

I am the very model of a modern Libertarian:
I teem with glowing notions for proposals millenarian,
I've nothing but contempt for ideologies collectivist
(My own ideas of social good tend more toward the Objectivist).
You see, I've just discovered, by my intellectual bravery,
That civic obligations are all tantamount to slavery;
And thus that ancient pastime, viz., complaining of taxation,
Assumes the glorious aspect of a war for liberation!

You really must admit it's a delightful revelation:
To bitch about your taxes is to fight for liberation!

I bolster up my claims with lucubrations rather risible
About the Founding Fathers and the market's hand invisible;
In fact, my slight acquaintance with the fountainhead Pierian
Makes me the very model of a modern Libertarian!

His very slight acquaintance with the fountainhead Pierian
Makes him the very model of a modern Libertarian!

All "public wealth" is robbery, we never will accede to it;
You have no rights in anything if you can't show your deed to it.
(But don't fear repossession by our Amerind minority:
Those treaties aren't valid---Uncle Sam had no authority!)
We realize whales and wolves and moose find wilderness quite vital,
And we'll give back their habitats---if they can prove their title.
But people like unspoiled lands (we too will say "hooray" for them),
So we have faith that someone else will freely choose to pay for them.

Yes, when the parks are auctioned it will be a lucky day for them---
We're confident that someone else will freely choose to pay for them!

We'll guard the health of nature by self-interest most astute:
Since pollution is destructive, no one ever will pollute.
Thus factories will safeguard our communities riparian---
I am the very model of a modern Libertarian!

Yes, factories will safeguard our communities riparian,
He is the very model of a modern Libertarian!

In short, when I can tell why individual consumers
Know best who should approve their drugs and who should treat their tumors;
Why civilized existence in its intricate confusion
Will be simple and straightforward, absent government intrusion;
Why markets cannot err within the system I've described,
Why poor folk won't be bullied and why rich folk won't be bribed,
And why all vast inequities of power and position
Will vanish when I wave my wand and utter "COMPETITION!"---

He's so much more exciting than a common politician,
Inequities will vanish when he hollers "Competition!"

---And why my lofty rhetoric and arguments meticulous
Inspire shouts of laughter and the hearty cry, "Ridiculous!",
And why my social theories all seem so pre-Sumerian---
I'll be the very model of a modern Libertarian!

His novel social theories all seem so pre-Sumerian---
He is the very model of a modern Libertarian!
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The subject line: "The only real cure for we ght loss."


Okay first of all, in this culture, is anyone really looking for a cure for weight loss?? With apologies to those rare few who are underweight and have trouble maintaining body mass, to whom I doubt that this message was directed.

Secondly...notice that the subject line itself is already experiencing some weight loss.

And, without getting too punny about it...once you start losing 'i's, the rest of your sense is sure to follow...


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