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Guys, the concert coming up this Sunday is going to be electrifying.

First, the new oratorio by Mohammed Fairouz, Anything Can Happen, which combines three Seamus Heaney poems with similarly apocalyptic texts from the Arabic Injeel. See more about it here or here.

The piece is giving me chills, especially now that we're working with the violist (Roger Tapping) and the soloist (David Kravitz - squee!). Come get your hair stood on end...

...And after that, hear us knock the Mozart Requiem out of the park. You know you wanna.

Get your tickets here, and use my last name as the discount code!
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Hey everyone!

So, this summer, 2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical! starring yours truly as Kate Brick will be making the circuit of the Northeast! The show has been rewritten to be tighter, funnier, and more emotionally involving. The inimitable Alex Nemiroski is on board as choreographer and movement coach. Emily Taradash is back from her southern adventures to reprise the role of Dehnise, and [ profile] usernamenumber will be joining us as the Narrator!

We'll be hitting Providence, Salem MA, and, for the kicker, Brooklyn, NY!

Our tour dates are as follows:

Wednesday, July 11 at 8pm, in Providence, RI at 95 Empire - tickets available soon!
Saturday, July 21 at 8pm, in Salem, MA at the Griffen Theatre. Tickets here!
Friday and Saturday, August 3 and 4 at 8pm, at Triskellion Arts in Brooklyn, NY! Tickets here!
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Hey all -

Anyone in need of a nifty apartment right in Harvard Square, on Dana St? [ profile] neuroliz's condo is up for rent again!

This is a beautiful little studio with high ceilings, a working fireplace, laundry in the building, and a storage unit included. $1100 a month, negotiable.

Let me know!
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Folks, I'm excited to report that the BBC is singing Brahms' Requiem with the Boston Youth Symphony this Sunday at 3pm at Symphony (freakin') Hall. This is very exciting to me; the symphony of insanely talented kids is, well, insanely talented; singing in Symphony Hall is thrilling, and the Brahms is just an outstanding, gorgeous piece of music.

We won't be led by Scott this time, but by Federico Cortese, the maestro of the BYSO and assistant conductor of the BSO for 7 years.

Tickets are available through the BSO's website

Please do come - it should be very exciting!
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Hey all,

The Back Bay Chorale spring concert season is nearly upon us! In March, we have not one but two major concerts coming up! Preparation for this has been interesting, let me tell you. The St. John Passion is yet another long and intensely difficult piece by Bach, with all of the rewards that that tends to entail. And the Brahms Requiem is simply one of the most luscious pieces of music ever. Come enjoy one or both, bring your friends!

First up!
Bach's St. John Passion
Directed by Scott Allen Jarrett
March 10, 2012 at 8pm
Sanders Theatre, Harvard University

Dann Coakwell, Evangelist
Paul Max Tipton, Jesus
Margot Rood, soprano
Emily Marvosh, mezzo-soprano
Aaron Sheehan, tenor
Sumner Thompson, baritone

Tickets here!

Next, in a new turn for the BBC, we'll be singing as the guest choir with the Boston Youth Symphony on Brahms' German Requiem. This means singing at Symphony Hall!

Brahms' German Requiem
with the Boston Youth Symphony
Directed by Federico Cortese
Sunday, March 25, 2012, 3pm
Symphony Hall

Purchase your tickets for this concert here.
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Everyone, please come to this event this weekend - Sunday, 2-5 at the Burren! We still need to scare up a bit of scratch to put on As You Like It - and you can help for the price of a couple of beers and a fun afternoon.

$5 if you want to get up and perform something; $10 to sit and watch!
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The time is nearing! The permitting has passed, and As You Like It will indeed happen in Seven Hills Park, from September 8-11!

Now all we need is actors!

What: Auditions for Theatre@First's As You Like It, directed by yours truly
When: June 20 and 21st, 7pm
Where: Unity Church of God, 6 William Street, Somerville, downstairs
Who: You!
Why: Because whatever the operabots tell you, theatre can't happen without actors!
How: Keep an eye on the Theatre@First auditions page, which should be updated by the end of the week! Until then:
-Prepare a 1 minute monologue
-Be prepared to do cold readings
-Keep checking back and sign up for an audition slot!
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Hello, all,

I recently entered my internship year as a student of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method. What this means is that I can now see clients for fee, and I am charging a special internship rate of $65 per session. I will also offer packages of 5 or 10 sessions at a further reduced rate for an up-front payment.

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method is a dynamic healing system for the body, mind, emotions and spirit. The Method has been known to help people with problems ranging from chronic pain to PTSD, and is based in the core belief that freedom of fluid movement - both in our bodies and in our lives - is our birthright.

Sessions take place on a massage table, fully clothed, and involve both gentle touch and talk.

In order to become a client, we must not know each other well. A good rule of thumb is if I have friended you on Livejournal, or if you regularly see me at parties, we are too close. Of course, with our intertwined community being what it is, it is close to impossible to expect that we will not intersect at certain points. But if we are already on hugging terms, I cannot be your Synergist. If there is a conflict, I can refer you to my friend and colleague, [ profile] mattlistener.

If you are reading and I haven't friended you, however, please feel free to contact me if you are interested. Even better, please feel free to pass this message along to your own friendslists and any communities to which you belong that you feel might have an interest; it would be greatly helpful.

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I am apparently Promotion Girl this week!

Next weekend, in preparation for the 2010: Our Hideous Future Summer Tour, we will be having a CD release party at the Burren! It's gonna be excellent good fun.

Join us on Sunday, May 22 at 3 PM at the Burren, 247 Elm Street, Somerville. $15 cover.

Featuring the "2010" cast and our special guests:

--Violinist Mei Ohara
--Br1ght Pr1mate
--Andy Hicks's The Pluto Tapes

Come on out, and share the event on FB:!/event.php?eid=125095214235047

This show is also a fundraiser for our ongoing efforts to take the musical on tour to other cities. If you can't make it to the party, please, support homegrown theater in Somerville by clicking on our fundraiser link below!

Thanks all,
Kate Motherf*@#ing Brick
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The Back Bay Chorale, with whom I've been happily singing for a few years now, has a couple of fabulous events coming up!

First, the fundraising gala, Celebrazione de la Primavera. This is going to be a lovely, black-tie-optional party at the Longwood Cricket Club, including hor d'oeuvres, decadent desserts, amazing silent auction items, live music and more. If you have enjoyed our music in the past, please attend, show your support, and enjoy a beautiful evening - the venue is absolutely gorgeous, and you could walk out with a week in a vacation house in Martha's Vineyard, theatre tickets, gift certificates for dinner, wine, a spa date or clothing, or many more one-of-a-kind items.

Next, part of what the gala is fundraising for: to pay for the magnificent orchestra that will play with us on Verdi's Requiem at the Sanders Theatre on May 14 at 8pm! This stirring and decadent piece of music is a thrilling, ambitious end to our 2010/2011 season.

Get tickets to either - or both - events here!
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Hi everyone!

Now that I know you can see my posts again (jeez!), I want to call your attention to the Kickstarter campaign I'm doing, for those of you who aren't reading Facebook.

I want to direct a production of Shakespeare's As You Like It, which along with The Winter's Tale is among my favorite of his plays. The crazy idea I had was to do it outdoors, right in Davis Square. It would be free and open to the public, directed in a modern style commenting on local concerns, and stuffed full of the talents of all the wonderful artists and makers of creative mayhem that I'm blessed to know.

The dream is coming closer to reality, with a fundraising campaign we're doing using Kickstarter. We're halfway there. But we still need help.

Kickstarter is kind of awesome. It allows creative projects to raise money using crowdsourcing, and lets you offer rewards to people who donate. I spent a whole bunch of time making and editing a video for this project; go check it out and hear me babble about it for four minutes.

Please give if you can - the deadline for fundraising is April 15! If we don't make our goal amount - we don't make anything!

[ETA: Please feel free to spread the word about this to your networks, using this link: ]

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Hey everyone,

It's about a month until the deadline for my Kickstarter for As You Like It project!

If you've already given and/or spread the word - my endless gratitude. If you don't know what I"m talking about, please go to the page and check it out. The short version? Theatre@First is making a bold attempt to put on Shakespeare's As You Like It outdoors, in Seven Hills Park, for free. (I'm gonna direct it. Hee!)

Kickstarter is this awesome site that allows creatives to crowdsource support for the projects. The project only happens if all the money gets raised by the deadline date!

Please check it out, and please spread the message to anyone you know who's interested in the arts using this link:

If you're short on cash but would go and see such a play anyway, consider donating what you'd pay for a ticket (usually $10-15 at Theatre@First).

Thanks again!
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Hey all,

On March 5 at 8pm, I'll be singing Sergei Rachmaninoff's All Night Vigil, also known as the Vespers, with the Back Bay Chorale.

Contrary to what the title suggests, this concert will run about 70 minutes, with no intermission, and promises to be 70 minutes of the most achingly beautiful music you'll ever hear.

The Vespers is Rach's take on Russian liturgical music, taking its themes from Orthodox chant as well as Russian folk music, and spun in his own inimitable, Romantic-era, gorgeously yearning way.

It was Rachmaninoff's own favorite piece, and was a hit when he wrote it in 1915. It was banned after the Revolution, however, and wasn't heard again inside Russia until 1980.

I'll be in the Alto II section, trying not to cry while I sing. I imagine that pronouncing the Old Church Slavonic will help distract me.

Please come; it's going to be a beautiful evening, and brief! Tickets can be purchased in advance here.
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Whether you saw 2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical! at Arisia last night, last summer at Boston Playwrights' Theatre, or not at all yet, get your fresh hot original cast recording at iTunes now!!

I unfortunately have no link to give you, but if you go to the iTunes store and search for "our hideous future," you should get it right away.

Also, here we are on Amazon!
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Hey all,

For those of you who will be attending Arisia, don't miss our performance of 2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical! There are a couple of rewrites from the summer production, a few extra jokes for the Arisia crowd, and of course, the original cast and crew.

Here's our new Tumblr page, too!
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ou've got two more chances this season to listen to holiday songs sung by the Chants! Come join us this Saturday either at the ice rink or the coffee shop -- depending on how warm &/or active you want to be! We look forward to sharing some holiday cheer with you.

WHAT: Kendall Square Holiday on Ice
DETAILS: The Community Ice Rink will have free admission all day, plus
entertainment and food in the afternoon.
WHEN: 2-6pm, Saturday, 12/18
The Chants will be singing at 3:30pm
COST: Free!
WHERE: 300 Athenaeum St., Cambridge


WHAT: Acoustic Showcase
DETAILS: 3 groups perform music while you enjoy your coffee
WHEN: 5-8pm, Saturday, 12/18
5pm Barrett & Eastburn
6pm Holiday Sing!
7pm Random Chants
COST: Free!
WHERE: Starbucks, 60 Bedford Street, Lexington

In harmony,
Random Chants

Sop 1: Kris Bruneau, Mila Pavek
Sop 2: Anne Marie Reardon, Courtney Walsh
Alto 1: Kristen Child, Maura Gallagher
Alto 2: Kamela Dolinova, Alix Fox, Sara Grady (on hiatus)

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Hello, everyone!

This weekend, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 2pm, the Post-Meridian Radio Players present The Big Broadcast of 1946 at the historic Somerville Theatre in Davis Square.

The play includes "The Byfar Hour," a golden-age style radio variety show; "But Oh, What Happened to Hutchings?", a chiller set in the Victorian age, and "The Sirens of War," a new piece set during World War II on the Missouri River, where a munitions barge is haunted by voices last heard in Greek mythology. I will be playing the lead Siren in this last play.

Featuring members of Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band, special guest stars, a theramin, crazy three-part harmonies, live Foley (sound) effects and roving cigarette girls, this immersive, hilarious and terrifying evening of theatre is not to be missed!

The Big Broadcast of 1946
Somervile Theatre
October 28, 29, 30 at 7:30pm
October 31 at 2pm
Get your tickets here, or at the Somerville Theatre Box Office - $15 in advance, $20 day of show
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The Chants are back at the Acoustic Showcase in Lexington this weekend, and we hope you'll be there with us! We'll be kicking off three hours of musical entertainment, so clear out your schedule and come enjoy some tunes (and a coffee, and maybe even a scone....)

WHAT: Acoustic Showcase
WHEN: 5-8pm, Saturday, 10/2
5pm Random Chants (a cappella, as you all know!)
6pm Julian Baptista (vocal/acoustic guitar)
7pm Diane Taraz (vocal/guitar/lap dulcimer)
COST: Free!
WHERE: Starbucks, 60 Bedford Rd, Lexington

In harmony,
Random Chants

Sop 1: Kris Bruneau, Mila Pavek
Sop 2: Anne Marie Reardon, Courtney Walsh
Alto 1: Kristen Child, Maura Gallagher
Alto 2: Kamela Dolinova, Alix Fox, Sara Grady
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I know it's short notice, but on Saturday at 4pm at the fabulous Burren, Free Will, an open-mike Shakespeare project, shall occur.

My darling Daniel will be reprising his role as one of three William Shatners, as well as appearing in a little thing that just might be about Hamlet and zombies.

Other stuff will happen too, I'll bet.

Come out, grab a beer, and see some crazy Shakespeare stuff!
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And for those who want something a little more lighthearted, here's the first podcast by the MC - the prime computer who runs the universe. Featuring Julia Lunetta and Andy Hicks of 2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical!

(Opening August 20 at Boston Playwrights' Theatre. End of plug.)


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