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I've figured out that most folks have moved on from Livejournal at this point, and everyone's scattered across the four winds - Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Dreamwidth. What this does for me, though, is interesting; it begins to restore this space to a place where not so many people are watching. I feel it frees me up again to write what I feel, and also to write things I know will probably be dull to others. It makes this space feel more like a journal and less like a blog - the latter being a place where I feel some responsibility to write well and with my audience in mind.

It's been too long since I've simply written whatever's in my head or whatever's going on just as a way to keep a record, and I think I just figured out that the reason for that is less that I don't have time or that other, shorter-attention-span services have taken over, nor even that I'm happier and so I write less. I think I've gotten out of the laundry-blogging habit because I've held myself to too high a standard.

Well, this little journal is probably about to go from quiet to loud but dull, so if you're still reading, thanks, and I do love comments. But I think I'll be making a shift from that being its primary purpose.
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Hey all,

Mike Marano is a terrific writer and a pretty great guy, too. :) He's teaching a class at Grub Street this fall on how to write a smart page-turner - I'd take it myself if it weren't on Monday nights. Check out his blog post about the class for more detail, and sign up before Sept. 19!
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You'll get invited to all the awesome parties...

Hi everyone -

We still need some help with As You Like It! Come be a part of the fabulousness and run crew with us! We need folks before and after each dress rehearsal and performance to load things in and out, and folks during the show to move things like benches and rocks (made of paper!) (with scissors!! (wait, no...)))!!!11!

The time commitment:

Monday: 6:30-11
Tuesday: 6:30-11
Thursday: 6:30-11
Friday: 6:30-11
Saturday: 6:30-11
Sunday: 1:30-5

Even if you can't do all the days - please come help out! Email tech at theatreatfirst dot org for more details!
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Our household is disbanding, and we're getting rid of some stuff! Let me know if you want it:

HUGE bookcase, solid blond wood


Small rolling desk, with pullout keyboard shelf and top of desk shelf


Elliptical machine, slightly broken, needs just a little love to be made to work

Kitchen table, light wood, seats 6. Some staining but overall good condition. 3'x5'.

Old microwave, still works just fine, turntable doesn't turn.

Assorted books and other stuff.
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Everyone, please come to this event this weekend - Sunday, 2-5 at the Burren! We still need to scare up a bit of scratch to put on As You Like It - and you can help for the price of a couple of beers and a fun afternoon.

$5 if you want to get up and perform something; $10 to sit and watch!
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Guys, you may have already heard too much about our revival of 2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical at the Oberon July 28 and 29.

But I'm betting you haven't seen this amazing promotional video that was recently created for it, complete with the "In a world..." voice.

The new production will have 2 new amazing songs by the talented Andy Hicks, 2010 backup dancers and actual proper dancing courtesy of Alex Nemiroski, and of course, a bar. :) Dance party afterwards in the Oberon tradition, and new art exhibit MC's Hall of Interactive Hideousity!

Do come - it's gonna be freakin' awesome.
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Yes, it's true: I will be reviving my role as Kate Brick in "2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical!", this time at the Oberon, Boston's most painfully hip new theatre space.

The skinny:
Thursday, July 28 and Friday, July 29 at 8pm
$20 table seating, $15 standing room
New songs! New choreography by Alex Nemiroski! New hall of technological horrors! New post-show dance party!
Be there or, I guess.

The biggest. most raucous production of this show yet.

"2010: Our Hideous Future," is coming to Oberon, and excitement is high. Have you seen that place? It's pretty much the future right there.

THE WAY, FAR DISTANT FUTURE, A.D. 2010, EAST COAST METRO ZONE A, NEW MALDEN: a time of techno-studded blechhiness. Lonely human freedom fighter Kate Brick plans a last stand against the oppressive Artas, artificial life forms who control humankind through torture, brainwashing, and Facebook. But judging by the complacence of her lover Dehnise Compuserve and the general apathy of her fellow humans, it may be too late.

This near futuristic dystopian cyberpunk musical comedy returns to the stage featuring its original cast of local artists: Kamela Dolinova, Katie Drexel, Julia Lunetta, Timothy Hoover, John Deschene, Kay Coughlin, Ginger Lazarus, Emily Taradash and Will Todisco.

Inspired by the performance space at Oberon, The Unreliable Narrator Theater Group and The Pluto Tapes will update this fan favorite with new songs, staging, and interactive elements known as the MC’s Hall of Interactive Hideousity.

This production will feature the FAC2010: Post-Show Dance Party featuring the DJ stylings of The Pluto Tapes. Music and Lyrics are still by Andy Hicks, Book still by Carl Danielson and now featuring Choreography by Alex Nemiroski.

Tickets are $20.00 for table seats, $15.00 for standing room. Both can be purchased either online at​events/2010-our-hideous-fu​ture-musical or by phone at (866) 811-4111.

Admission to the FAC2010: Post-Show Dance Party is included in the ticket price.

This production is 18 plus.

For more information, contact or call (617) 386-9595 or (617) 470-9556.

Updates for the 2010: Our Hideous Tour can be found online at the official show website for
2010: Our Hideous Future: The Musical! (,
The Unreliable Narrator Theater Group website (, or by following @unarrator on Twitter.
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Hi, everyone!

As rehearsals and preparations continue for As You Like It, we are doing a Shakespeare Slam as a promotional party and fundraiser!

Last September, Michael Anderson, an absolutely awesome spoken word guy, hosted "Free Will," a Shakespeare slam event at the Burren. [ profile] imlad and the other two Shatners revived Theatre@First's "Food of Love" for the event:

The witches of the Scottish play made three appearances, one as sadistic playground tots:

And Anderson himself appeared as a disaffected, punk rock Hamlet in the 80s:

So much creativity was displayed here, from a zombie Hamlet to middle-school kids reading Romeo and Juliet to Kevin Brooks telling an incredible story about Othello and race to Sean Cody giving one of the funniest interpretations of Peter Quince I've seen.

I hope to revive this event, with everyone free to do as they please, including reading a monologue off a page at random with no preparation. (Yes, I also appeared, as the great Camilla Villanova!)

So please join us!

Shakespeare Slam!
Featuring Michael Anderson, cast members of As You Like It, and You!

Sunday, August 7, 2-5 pm
The Burren, Davis Square, Somerville
Just $5 if you want to get up and do something; $10 to come and watch. More is welcome, of course, and if you can't make it but still want to help out, here's a handy Paypal button:

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So, I've finished Perdido Street Station, about which I posted so sideways-enthusiastically the other day.

I found the whole thing weirdly pleasurable, not necessarily in a train-wreck-can't-look-away sort of way that was going to be my first analogy, but rather in a perverse, intense, viscerally pleasurable sort of way, the same way I sometimes enjoy extremely dark sexual fantasies, or reading Clive Barker, or watching something like 28 Days Later.

Spoilers. )
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1. Has anyone else here read Perdido Street Station by China Miéville?

2. If so, are you finding it as BLINDINGLY FUCKING OMG NIGHTMARE-INDUCING CREEPY as I am??
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It is my great pleasure to announce the cast for Theatre@First's 2011 production of As You Like It!

The twenty-two (22!) folks are:

Orlando - Jason Merrill
Rosalind - Leslie Drescher
Celia - Tianna Tagami
Oliver - Jared Hite
Silvius - Adam Schofield-Bodt
Phebe - Alyssa Osiecki
Touchstone - Brad Smith
Audrey - Julie Becker
Corin - Chris Lahey
Jaques - David Policar
Duke Senior - Tom Champion
Duke Frederick - Daniel Dolinov
Charles/William - Eric Swartz
Adam/Sir Oliver Martext - Mare Freed
Le Beau/Jaques de Boys - Katie Drexel
Amiens - Rachel Adler
Dennis/Lord - JP Nadeau
Hymen/Lord - Jackie Raboin

Lords and Attendants:
Caitlin Miller
Jacob Sommer
Olivia Ongaighi
Nicole Madar

Congratulations to all!
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Anything nifty going on that I should know about, in case I decide that just staying home and sleeping isn't the best course??
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Audition slots for As You Like It are still available! Come out and have fun with us!

The form is here:

Pass it on!
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Hey everyone!

Go sign up to audition for As You Like It! Here's the auditions page!

And please - spread the word in your own networks. We're hoping for a big turnout!

Calling all actors, singers, dancers, hoopers, acrobats, jugglers, Burners and tech-heads!

Come help us put on a play! Auditions for our modern take on Shakespeare's classic comedy, As You Like It have been set for June 20th and 21st at Unity Somerville; it will be performed outdoors in Davis Square September 8-11.

We're looking for people of various talents both to play key roles and to make up the court of the exiled Duke Senior, who in this production is an MIT engineering type who draws a lot of anarchic creative types to himself.

If you're interested, please go to the auditions page to sign up for a slot, or contact the director about how you can become involved!
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I really liked Vinnie's post this week on how gendered behaviors are much more likely to be the result of cultural conditioning than they are about biological factors, using Occam's razor and a roundabout but trenchant comparison to religion.

Go see!
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Hey all,

[ profile] muffyjo is in need of someone to help her live-video the Thursday, June 16 performance of Equus at Theatre@First. It's fun, it requires very little training, and you get to see a performance of the show for free.

Please help her out! I can't really do it, but I did it for The Lady's Not For Burning, and it was pretty neat!

Comment here if you think you might be able to do this!
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Hi, all,

The Auditions Page for As You Like It is now live! Go reserve yourself a spot!
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The time is nearing! The permitting has passed, and As You Like It will indeed happen in Seven Hills Park, from September 8-11!

Now all we need is actors!

What: Auditions for Theatre@First's As You Like It, directed by yours truly
When: June 20 and 21st, 7pm
Where: Unity Church of God, 6 William Street, Somerville, downstairs
Who: You!
Why: Because whatever the operabots tell you, theatre can't happen without actors!
How: Keep an eye on the Theatre@First auditions page, which should be updated by the end of the week! Until then:
-Prepare a 1 minute monologue
-Be prepared to do cold readings
-Keep checking back and sign up for an audition slot!
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If you were to pick a scene in As You Like It to audition people for the part of Jaques, what would you pick? I kind of want to avoid his big monologues ("All the world's a stage" especially).
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[Spoilers below for Doctor Who Season 5.]

Just finished watching Season 5 of the new Who, and while I'm enjoying the new folks a great deal, I've been pissed at the writing more than once. Is it just me, or has there been a kind of sea change in the rules of causality? I mean, I know, the science is always super-spotty, but the way Tennant carried it off (wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey) was always funny and, to me at least, believable - or at least I was able to suspend my disbelief. Now it seems like more often than not, the thing that saves the day is the equivalent of people clapping their hands and saying "I believe in fairies!"

Is it just me? I mean, I'm a person who's really into the power of love and memory and belief, but it's not what I expect - or what I've seen - from this show so far, and it's annoying me. Beating Dalek technology with memories of an old girlfriend? Making a time-traveling ship explode with the power of schmoop? Making a Rory-bot real by being really insistent about your love for him? Resurrecting the Doctor from a reboot of the entire universe using Amy's memories?

It seems sappy at best, horribly lazy at worst. Your thoughts?


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